Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lead Me, Guide Me, Walk Beside Me

Last Summer as we toured the museums of Rome and Florence 
and saw Michelangelo's magnificent David, we discovered that Nicholas 
wasn't familiar with the story of David and Goliath. 
As we quizzed him further, we realized he wasn't familiar 
with many Bible stories that we assume all children know.

So we've begun teaching a bible story every Sunday using the Gospel Art Kit.

A few weeks ago we read about Abraham (of Abraham and Isaac) 
whose own father tried to sacrifice him to the Egyptian gods. 
It's kind of a scary story. 
In the end he prays and an angel comes and saves him 
and Jehovah speaks to him and tells him to get out of the land.

However, this week in my scripture class, we discussed 
a scripture that I had missed in the summarized Gospel Art Kit version.

In Abraham 1 (vs. 15) after Abraham lifts up his voice to the Lord, 
the Lord hearkened and heard. (He hears our prayers and answers them.)

But we know from all the further trials Abraham endured,
the Lord didn't take away Abraham's problems. 
However, in a very intimate expression, the Lord promises:
(vs. 18) "...I will lead thee by my hand."

The Lord wants to not only help us,  
but to hold our hands and lead us
As a Father leading a child. 
We have to ask for his help. And then when we do, 
He will walk with us, guiding us through our trials, holding our hand.

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Julie said...

Cool. This has been the theme of my week...and especially today! So perfect for me to read today. Thanks!