Wednesday, January 29, 2014

There was so much more I wanted to say...

I'm going through photos from 2013.
There are a lot of random ones I took that prompted a memory or made me laugh that I had intended to blog about. But I didn't.

Well, so now I am.

My friend celebrated her birthday at The Cowboy Grub. The same Cowboy Grub that we went to on my baptism day. I'm pretty sure this same horse and buffalo head were there 35 years ago. Was it Cowboy Grub that began the Adair Family's love of salad bars?

Skillz... Those Disney ballooner guys are pretty talented!

A red Vespa from my Valentine. Dan, how I love you! 

There is a story behind this Vespa... It begins with me wanting one for Christmas and my husband, being concerned for my safety on a "motorcycle" buys me a BMW convertible instead. Chapter 2 is me trying to tactfully decline the Christmas present and in Chapter 3 the BMW goes back to the dealership. Chapter 4, my husband comes home with a new BMW for him and Chapter 5 starts out with me happy for him but at the end I get bugged because he made the classic statement "it's a present for both of us because you'll have so much fun driving my car!" In Chapter 6 I'm still bugged because we were supposed to get me a new car last fall but I put it off until the spring when we would have cash to pay for it and he shouldn't have gotten a new car. And Dan is bugged that I'm so worried about money. The next chapters we forgive and forget and live happily ever after. The Prologue is he surprises me with a cherry red Vespa for Valentine's Day!

Sister's Trip in Scottsdale! Yahoo!!

And we went to our first opera. 
No time for dinner so we dined on the curb on State Street at the Taco Truck.

 And just before Spring Break, the new Olympus High opened.
I was so excited to get my photo with one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Felt
(who is still teaching at Olympus)! He's practically a celebrity and seriously,
I got tongue-tied. I'm a dork!

The sports season. I finally got my car to the car wash, but had to unload all the necessities living in the trunk for the month... blankets, chairs, sweatshirts, snacks, baseball bags...

I also ran did the Women of Steel Triathlon in American Fork again. I love it because the swim is in the pool. It kind of feels like cheating, but it keeps me "in the game" while I decide if I'll ever try a lake Tri again.

This tri happens to fall on the same Saturday that the boys are at Fathers & Sons. So it's kind of a bummer because when I finish there's no one I know to cheer me in.  It's a little anti-climatic while everyone else is celebrating to come walk over to my bike, pack my bag and head to the car.

So maybe that's another reason I do it -- that prove to myself that I can still do it, even without a cheering section.

Life of a mom... an airsoft gun just sitting in my shower.

Taylor Swift with the whole family! Nick was really concerned that we weren't using very wise judgment as parents taking him to a concert where the decibels could put his ears at risk. He pretty much plugged his ears the whole time and slept through the whole thing!

While Courtney was on Senior Trip and Marty was in Costa Rica I spent the week with these kiddos. From Golf to Tennis to Swimming. We stayed busy every day!

Chris also played rugby for the first time.

Cottonwood Res was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year so 
Dan and I had an excuse to get fancy.

Finally, I've seen a lot of fancy chore charts on Pinterest and other blogs. But I found this one works just as well.


Shaeffer Family Cruise
Seriously, I'm not sure where all my pictures are. Maybe I just let Courtney take them all!

Breakfast made by a teenager

Rockreation Camp -- What they do when you're late to pick-up.

And this tree fell right over in the wind. Just like that.

Nip and Tuck...

Wonderful Julie taught me how to make delicious green smoothies!

Marty's first dance -- Homecoming!

  Chris plants tulips for Family Life merit badge.

Flag Football!

The remodel begins. Oh! The dust!

Most comfortable room in the house -- the garage.


Marge has a heart emergency -- she's got some faulty valves!


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Cindy M. E. said...

Wow!! I loved all your random pictures!! Looks like another GREAT year.