Saturday, August 24, 2013

Seattle Mariners

We love going to MLB games so were thrilled when we saw 
the Mariners were playing at home the weekend we were in Seattle.

Lunch in the airport. Shaeffer kids all in a row...

Our hotel was right on the water only a mile from the stadium. 
Because the stadium is in the city with everyone out and about, 
a mile doesn't seem very long.  
Especially since we became such great walkers this summer.  

We stopped for crab along the way. This family loves crab.

See Nick holding Courtney's hand? So sweet.

The weather was perfect, even a little cool. Forgot it gets cool on the water. 

After getting back to the hotel when everyone was ready for bed we...

Yep. We watched Psych. All in bed together. This family loves Psych.

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