Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Piece of Me

The day after I got home from Seattle, I tried to stay busy all day. A little piece of me had been cut off and missing Courtney was a physical pain that made it literally hard to breathe. I felt a little raw and staying busy was a good distraction.

Signs of Courtney!
You know what part of me wanted to do? Call my mom and cry.  I almost did. But Nick was home and sulking wouldn't help so we made a fun plan instead.

I took Nick and two of his friends (who hadn't started school yet either) to Airborne. They jumped for an hour while I surfed Houzz looking at remodel ideas. We had planned to stay for 2 hours, but they weren't quite tall enough for the obstacle course section so were a tad disappointed and ready to go. 

On the way I saw Scheels -- a massive sporting goods store that I'd heard actually had fun activities inside in addition to retail sales.  We spent the next two hours exploring the store and having fun -- an indoor ferris wheel, mini-bowling, putting hole and a gun arcade!

Learning to use SnapChat so I can have fun with Courtney over social media!

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