Sunday, August 25, 2013

Airport Connections

After the boys left, Courtney and I dashed to Target and 
Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy everything needed to make a dorm a home.

While there we got a call from Dan. 
Here's the story:

They boys were waiting for their flight in the Delta Club. 
Christopher was wearing his Rugby shirt. 
A woman (who Dan described to me as, "Really outgoing -- like your mom!" 
approached Chris and asked him if he played rugby and said 
she loved rugby and her son plays rugby. In fact, he's trying out for the Olympic team. 
So Dan mentioned our cool nephew who was also a star rugby player 
and I'm sure he mentioned cool things like, "New Zealand" and "US Nationals" etc.

So Dan and the lady bonded. And then he mentioned 
he'd just dropped off his daughter at UDub.
She said, "I'm a UDub alumni! What's she studying?"
He said, "Mechanical Engineering."
She said, "I'm on the board of the UDub 
Mechanical Engineering Department something and something!!!"

When the woman found out Courtney was a direct admit, she was very excited and said, 
"She was one of only 18 direct-admits -- only 6 of whom are girls (women)!!"

(Courtney, You're Awesome!)

She gave Dan her business card. 
(She is the President of (or started) an Aerospace company(!)) 
Then proceeded to tell Dan, "Have her call me! 
I'll be her home away from home! I'd love to meet her!!"


And all that happened in the Delta Club at the airport 
because Christopher was wearing his Rugby shirt.


Tiffany said...

Wow--you made me cry with your previous post. Hope you are all doing well! You have an amazing family and have done such a great job with all of your kids. Hope you are doing well. We need to catch up. Miss you! XO

Sheree said...

Courtney, you are amazing! What a fun story!