Saturday, August 31, 2013

My First Test in a While Didn't Go So Well

As a responsible citizen, I determined my licensed children and I should get our Motorcycle permits so we could be legal when driving the Vespa.

Of course I have no intention of driving the Vespa farther than a 4-block radius. But...

This required us to take a written test. Which required A LOT of study because according to the DMV, motorcycles are motorcycles whether they're Harleys or Vespa Scooters so we not only had to understand road rules, but also particulars about driving a motorcycle, which I haven't done since my cousins tried to teach me 30 years ago when I was 12. That resulted in me crashing into their neighbor's fence and we all ran away and didn't tell a soul.

Courtney and I studied and took lots of online practice tests and then set an appointment at the DMV and waited for an hour or more to register and take the test. We passed!  We also had to give up our hard-copy licenses for the paper permit. Which we carried during all our travels this summer and confused many a TSA Agent. (Although always ended up passing security without incident.)

A few weeks later Marty glanced at the book while getting his Driver's License on his 16th birthday, asked if he could take the test as well and passed too.  That kid and his brain!

We had to have our permits for two months before we could take the motorcycle driving test. We were allowed to drive the Vespa during that time for practice. However, by the time we called to make our appointments for the driving test, the next available was after Courtney left to college. So she had to spend another 2 hours down at the DMV waiting in line to have the permit removed from her license and get her real license back.

Mine and Marty's driving test was Friday. This required me to drive the Vespa all the way down to the DMV. I chose a less trafficked route and actually was enjoying myself. I gave myself more than enough time to get there so I wasn't stressed and did a pretty good job.  I'd practiced previously around the neighborhood and in the church parking lot and felt very comfortable giving Nick rides.

But I FAILED the test. I couldn't zip between cones or U-turn in the small allowance and once I put my foot down when I felt unbalanced. I failed before I'd completed even half the test.

Marty practiced for 10 minutes the night before and ended up passing easily.

I have registered for a second attempt in a couple of weeks. I'm not happy about the long drive down there again. I don't really want to be a quitter so I'll give it another try. DREAD!

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Julie said...

Oh, wow! This is so funny. Will you give me a ride on the vespa?