Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Nick's First Day

It was a long wait for Nicholas who had to wait 8 more days to go back to school than the rest of the kids. He filled his time with a trip to Lagoon, a Meet Your Teacher activity, a swim party and an afternoon at Airborne. 

We also met some new classmates at the park one day, but Nicholas decided not to talk to any of them.  It was going to be a hard year if Nick was going to continue holding an "I don't want to switch schools" grudge.

One darling mom of a new student decided to invite the boys to her home for a swim party to break the ice. As it turned out, only Nick and 2 others could go. Small group, but ended up being the best thing ever for Nick.  You can't exactly ignore one other kid.  They found lots of things in common--they both love jumping off the diving board, sliding down the slide into the pool, Nick LOVED Chad's mom's guacamole, and Chad also loves video games--just like Nick.

On Fast Sunday I fasted and prayed that Nick would feel comfortable in his class, that he'd feel "at home" in his school and that he'd make good friends so he could look forward to each day.

Tuesday school started. He loved it. He loved his teacher.  He had fun playing with friends from his old class at recess. He had fun getting to know new friends.  When he came home and was asked, "How was school?" Instead of the mantra from last year, "I don't really like going to a new school!" He said, "Great!!" And meant it. 

(Here is where Mom breathes Deep, Cleansing, Sigh of Relief...)

He is happy. He feels at home. He talks about when he changes back to our neighborhood school at Jr. High. But he is happy where he is right now.

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Sheree said...

I'll be trying the fasting and prayer next too. Miles isn't making much of an effort to make friends, and I'm hoping that changes soon for his sake.