Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dinner at the Mine

Dan recently joined YPO.  He's excited about the business camaraderie and forums providing opportunities to learn from other businessmen and women. Plus they do cool activities.  Several of their activities over the year are for the entire family.

This month was a tour and dinner at Kennecott Copper Mine. Several Rio Tinto/Kennecott employees were available to answer questions and teach us more about the mine.  It was super fascinating. A lot more than copper comes from Kennecott.

Gold and Silver bars mined from Kennecott

Gold was worth $80,000, silver was $30,000. Brought up that day.

Boys and toys! These trucks are 2-stories high.

See Christopher down there with the truck towering over him!


Michelle said...

I sooo remember going to Kennicot as a kid and seeing the huge trucks. Somewhere there is a photo of us by those huge wheels. So cool. I've wanted to go back for a long time. Should I take the kids next summer?

Angela said...

Absolutely! And we'll go again with you. It was really cool!