Friday, September 14, 2012

Life is Good

I had a Fabulous birthday beginning with presents from my family in the morning and an afternoon lunch with Dan and then hike at Park City. We got back in time to watch Courtney's LAX game and then grab everyone for a quick dinner at Mikado before Roadshow practice. AND the best present of all is that all the kids actually like Sushi now!

But the best was yet to come: Thursday I laid in my bed all day and READ!  A Great Mystery (Jackson Brodie Series by Kate Atkinson: Case Histories)  Tried to think of how I could cancel my Personal Trainer and keep staying in bed. But I didn't! I got up and went and then came home exhausted and collapsed in bed and picked up my book again. Seriously, the most perfect vacation day ev-ah!

But the next morning I laid in bed wide awake at 5:30. Perhaps a little too rested from the previous day. NOT going to complain about that. Marvelous. Nick was up early too. He was dressed and laying in his bed playing his iPod (busted!). I said, "Hey, how about coming downstairs and we get your practicing done first thing?" He said, "We'll wake everyone up." I said, "They're already awake." He said, "O-K-A-Y" and jumped out of bed and we went downstairs and he practiced all his songs WITH A SMILE!

This was starting out to be the best day ever!!

After, he decided to make eggs while I made lunches.

We read scriptures. We had family prayer. Everyone was ready to go and out the door on time.  Nicholas and Christopher played Legos while Nick waited for his carpool.  After Nicholas left, Christopher did his practicing--he's super talented at memorizing new parts of his song.

While I was cleaning up the kitchen (yes, the kitchen was CLEAN before Chris even left for school), Chris opened up the Sports Illustrated. Then pointed out to me the article he was looking at -- A race car driver who lost both his legs in an accident.  Now he's an Olympic medalist in hand-cycling.  And with that inspiring message, Chris set out the door for school.

Could every week please have days like this in it?

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