Sunday, September 02, 2012

First Day of School

What kind of blogger mom doesn't post photos of the first day of school? The one who still has one child that hasn't started back yet.  

But I am missing blogging and wanting to post something new.  It's hard for me to post... or write... or pay bills... or think... unless everything is in order around me -- a clean kitchen and a clean desk. And order doesn't come when children are home. I wouldn't have it any other way, but it just means I need TIME to get stuff organized. That time often comes at night when everyone (except Courtney, I've just learned to get used to that -- she's quiet, anyway) is in bed. But I've been reading a few good books lately, so I've been reading instead of blogging at night. And I SO love reading a good book!

My desk is still messy, but with no school tomorrow its easier to overlook.  I've plugged in my camera to download photos and found 145 more photos of the summer -- end of Space Camp, trip to Pagosa, summer night games... all things I would love to document. And all things that can distract me up from my original plan of posting SOMETHING.  So for now it's just the first day of school photos.

Courtney -- Senior.  Marty -- Freshman.
Christopher -- 6th grade
Courtney -- 6th grade. Marty -- 3rd grade.
Christopher -- Kindergarten

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