Monday, September 10, 2012


I went horseback riding with friends (Can horses smell fear?) Having no experience with animals, pets or otherwise, I always feel so uncomfortable around them.  I know I'm supposed to talk to them, to feel love while I pet them, and to just-think-they're-so-darn-cute! But I don't. I just feel awkward.

However, I TRIED with the horse. Me and Oreo were really bonding. I was really feeling something for him. And then I was switched to Midnight because Oreo was limping.  So I brushed Midnight and felt a bit disloyal saying the same things to him as I'd just said to Oreo.  ("Oh, yeah. Yuk it up. I would have believed you thought I was beautiful if I hadn't JUST HEARD you say that to Oreo!")

And Midnight took me for quite a ride. The leaves had started turning and it had rained earlier that morning. Fall was in the air.  It was amazing.  Our friends chatted as we rode. We discussed family, children, goals, life. We crossed a river (stream). We traversed up a hill and down a cliff (hill).

We even ran the horses for a bit and I just Held On For Dear Life wishing I'd worn the riding helmet after all. 

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Sheree said...

I feel the same way on horseback! The fact that they are alive and have their own thoughts and emotions scares me to death. Give me a 4 wheeler over a horse anyday! But that does look really fun. Sounds like a great time.