Friday, July 13, 2012

The Gang's All Here (Except for Rach & Jer)

This week the whole fan-damily was in town and it was non-stop action! Bekah and Matt were here on their way from moving from Phoenix to South Carolina. Michelle & Brent were in town from Chicago for their annual summer trek to Utah. Christopher and Nicholas loved having cousins to play with from morning to night! I loved when they all got creative and turned the entire basement into a fort, including sleeping "rooms," "bar," and "massage parlor." (Sounds like we had a brothel in our basement, but in reality it was good, clean fun ;)  I'm not going to complain when the kids offer to massage my feet and back for a few quarters!!!

One night Grandpa and Diane had ALL the kids over for bowling, a movie and a sleepover. That left us adult kids a chance to all go out to dinner together. So fun! After dinner we came back to our house and sat in the backyard until late talking, playing basketball and laughing.

The next morning me, Michelle and Bekah and Dan, Brent and Matt got up early and hiked Mt. Olympus. To the Top. We are Awesome.  (And the most awesome part was when everyone was so sore the next day, I wasn't. Yay for me and my year of hiking.)

 Another day Michelle took Nicholas and Ethan to Sheree's and they all went Kayaking. I had Chris and Isaac and we met Bekah at the pool.

We had a few BBQ's and a sister's lunch for Sheree's Birthday. The kids had marathon "Minecraft" sessions and scared all the parents riding Christopher's new electric scooter. Also a night at the Bee's Game. So fun!

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