Sunday, July 01, 2012

Durango to Pagosa

We awoke to the whistle of the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge railroad. As we pulled out of town, we saw the train ready to leave so we drove over to have a better look. We haven't taken the train from Durango to Silverton before and agreed its something we need to do soon.

Nick, Chris and I got out of the car for a better look. Nick really wanted to watch the old coal train pull away, so we did.

Arriving in the town of Pagosa Springs always requires a stop at the store. And the last 20 minutes driving to camp has everyone buried in grocery bags of food.

After we unloaded and ate lunch, we took the jeep for a ride to the general store for a treat.

We brought bikes on this trip and Dan taught the boys how to change the tires and tubes on a big bike and pump up the tires on the other two. They were not thrilled to be put to work, but I felt a sense of parenting accomplishment that they learned how to do something new. (Parenting accomplishment #2 was when I asked them to shuck the corn and they all knew how to do it--I wasn't really sure that they would. Phew, I've taught them a thing or two.)

They made a bike jump and rode ATV's and when it rained we played UNO. After 6:00 the boys chopped wood and made a fire. Gram and Papa arrived and we made fajitas for dinner. Soon after, Kristin, Clark, Adam and Curtis arrived.

We all sat in the trailer and talked and ate dessert. Now the four older boys are playing Monopoly and the rest of us are going to bed. So good to be with family. Unfortunately the smell of smoke is in the air and the river is very low. We are missing the usual crisp mountain air, but the low river will still be fun to play and fish in. Tomorrow we are going canoeing on Williams's Lake!

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