Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Courtney in Guadeloupe--Week 3

Today I was on the phone finding the roadshow script for a neighbor when my call-waiting rang. I couldn't answer it and then just after we hung up my cell phone rang. Someone is trying to get ahold of me and suddenly I remembered it was Wednesday and it could be Courtney!

I ran and frantically dug in my purse but just as I pulled out my phone it stopped ringing. I even said a bad word, but it was a very mild one. Yep, the number was a strange number! I called Dan's cell but he was on the other line. So I called Dan's office and had his secretary poke her head into his office and see if he was talking to Courtney and tell him to tell her to call me back when they were done!

Instead he conferenced me in.  Here's what we learned:
First she said, "What's happening at home?"
"Nothing out of the ordinary! Summertime, kids playing with friends etc.  Tell us about YOU!"

She said lunchtime French is getting easier. Still not her favorite, but she can think of things to say!

Guadeloupe is beautiful. They live in a small town. The center of town is just a short walk from their residence and is made up of about 4 stores. There is a plaza and park across from the internet cafe and a pay phone so they can walk over in the evenings and hang out.  Another street has a few more stores, but that's about it.

The food has been pretty good. Lots of rice, chicken and tuna.  Breakfast is fast and simple--toast with peanut butter and jam.

Everyone has gotten along really well but are ready to come home. She said there have been the usual issues when 28 people are all living in the same room for a month, but they've been small and no big deal.

This week someone was charging their phone and they got to listen to music for a bit and she was so excited!

She's had a great time but she's glad she gets to come home in a week.  She wondered if it was okay to throw away a lot of the clothes she took! Her jeans all have paint on them and everything is dirty.  (Luckily there is a mall attached to the hotel we are staying in in Alabama!)  She can't wait to have a phone again!

When they arrived in Guadeloupe, they stayed in a Bed & Breakfast on the main island before ferrying over to her smaller island the next day.  They'll do the same on the return trip, so that means she'll start heading for home on Tuesday.

These are photos from Last Year's group who traveled to Guadeloupe:

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