Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Space Camp

Marty and Christopher are spending the week at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Nick gets to go to Day Space Camp and Mom and Dad get to spend a week at the pool at the Westin.

Marty has always loved Christa McAuliffe Space Camp in Pleasant Grove and has attended at least one session each summer since 6th grade. Then last year Dan had business in Huntsville and got wind of "real" Space Camp. We thought the kids would really like it.

The Christa McAuliffe camp focuses on "Trekkie"-type space missions that the kids use problem solving skills and teamwork to accomplish. Space Camp here in Alabama seems more science focused. We're excited to see how Marty and Christopher end up liking it.

Nicholas has loved his first two days at Day Camp. Both days after we picked him up we had to run a quick errand before heading back to the hotel.  Both times he's said, "Oh, no! I wish I was in sleep-away camp so I could be having fun all the time instead of sitting in the car!"

When we arrived on Sunday we got Marty checked in first. His rooms are in a large bunker style building. Each room houses 7 campers.
 They were pretty cool and Christopher was bummed he didn't get to sleep in "Habitat 1" with the older campers.  His dorm was next door but each room was larger with about 20 bunk beds per room.  Will they get any sleep?

Nick's report of space camp is that it's really fun. They've launched rockets, tried out the G-Force chair that spins you all around at 50 mph ("G" stands for Gravity, he told us) and went in a simulator "Star Tours" style.  Also they have really good lunches.

On Thursday he gets to go swimming in their man-made chlorinated lake. The timing's not good for the book we brought to read each night -- "I Survived a Shark Attack." It's a true story of a shark that swam into a lake and attacked a boy swimming.  I keep emphasizing that the lake at camp is chlorinated so sharks and fish can't live there. I'm still afraid of sharks, not only in the ocean, but I worry about them in swimming pools too. So I wouldn't be surprised if he gets nervous to swim in that lake on Thursday!


Betsy said...

I've heard about that space camp. I would love to send my boys. I think there is also another space camp here in Kansas (or at least in an adjoining state - i can't remember exactly). I hope your kids really enjoy their week (an you too at the hotel. That sounds heavenly.)

Blue said...

From about kindergarten til fourth grade, Bonnie was DYING to go to that camp. She had regular lemonade stands while we lived in Vermont, and her sign said "Help Send A future Astronomer To Space Camp", with little drawings and information about this very camp on the poster. She had a suggested donation price of .10 a cup, but if you couldn't pay she'd give you some anyway.

She made a LOT of money off those stands. If it hadn't been so expensive to get her there and whatnot, it probably would have happened, but right when she got old enough we moved to SLC and were broke (lemonade didn't quite cover all the costs). She was so amped about science as a kid.

Now she's more into the art, music, literature and writing. So she never ended up going to Huntsville...but it's the top space camp in the country, and we were quite impressed with all that they include in their curriculum. I'm sure your kids are having a blast, and it's fun to know someone actually going. You win MOTY 2012! ♥

LaddandKatieMarshall said...

so fun! Your family does such fun things together--sure to make great memories.

Miss you all.