Tuesday, July 03, 2012


This year at Pagosa we had a smaller group -- just Gram and Papa, our family (minus Courtney), and cousins Clark, Adam & Curtis and Aunt Kristin.  Kay is in college, JD was working, and Dunc was in Russia on a geography tour with some of his students.

We didn't have any problems with smoke from the nearby fires the whole time we were there and in fact each afternoon we got a thunderstorm which the area desperately needed.  I love the afternoon rain showers as well -- perfect time to take a nap or play board games with the kids!
Several marathon monopoly games this trip!
Dan snoozing!
We always look forward to fishing, shooting BB Guns, hiking to the falls, nightly campfires and riding the ATV's.  
The pond is ready for fishing again.

Fishing for Chipmunks! (With a marshmallow on the end of a fishing line)
Cowboy Golf

This year Uncle Marty brought a canoe up to camp, so for the first time we tried canoeing on Williams Lake.  We got a late start and got rained out before we could canoe too much, but each of the kids got one turn.

Marty is legal now! He had fun driving the jeep up to the falls and back!

A few deer kept appearing each day. Papa thought they made their home in the back yard by the trees.
Also a first, Kristin and I met Ed Toner, whose Grandfather homesteaded the Upper Piedra Valley where our camp is and who Toner Mountain is named after.  Like meeting a legend.

One day we cleaned out the barn and Marty, Clark, Dan & Papa took a load to the dump. While they were unloading, a big brown bear was working there too!  Apparently he's a regular. 

Gram found the dinner bell!
The last night there the boys lit fireworks for the 4th of July. Fireflies came to the party too!

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