Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sisters Trip!

The only thing better than having 4 sisters is getting to spend a long weekend together!!  

We all met up at Rachel and Jeremy's home in Colorado last weekend!  We shopped a bit, ate out a bit, drove around and saw cool places in Denver, and we even went snowshoeing!  But what we did the most was non-stop talking.

Work, kids, friends, husbands, boyfriends, food, diets, home decorating, exercise, childhood memories ("Ancient Chinese Secret, Moooooo?!"), favorite TV shows (Modern Family, Glee, HGTV, I Survived, Matlock, Little House on the Prairie, South Park Mormon episode), favorite movies (never did watch The Shining -- but saw the hotel where Steven King wrote the book and Bekah and I browsed on our phones as fast as we could to read all about "The Stanley."), pets, ailments, Dr. appts., movie stars in People magazine...
Hmmm... I know I'm forgetting something!

We talked as we drove and talked as we ate and talked as we snowshoed and talked as we ate ice cream and talked first thing in the morning and talked late into the night (Jeremy was SUCH a good sport!!!)!  And of course we continued talking in bed right up until we fell asleep and the next day it started all over again.

I love my sisters!

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Julie said...

I get that. All of it. Sisters are the best!