Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Smell of Lemons

For Spring Break we took a road trip to Phoenix.  We arrived late Tuesday night and stepped out of the car into a bit of heaven!  The air was warm and filled with the scent of fresh lemons.  Aaaahhh!  I couldn't get enough of it! 

We stayed with Matt, Bekah & Jax our first few nights and went to two Spring Training games -- Dodgers vs. Giants and Cubs vs. Rockies.  We sat on the grass at Camelback Ranch, ate a picnic, watched the game and the kids ran around on the grass.  

The weather was warm and the day perfect.  I'd spent about 3 hours researching how to get to the park and avoid traffic which we'd heard was horrific trying to get in and out after the game.  Didn't have any traffic at all -- it was the end of spring training so apparently the crowds had died down.

At Hohokam Park the weather was a bit more chilly.  Rain was expected but never came!  Christopher was able to get a couple of players autographs -- including Ted Lily, a left- handed pitcher.  (A lefty, just like Chris!)

That night we headed off to Shaeffer cousins where all the kids slept over for two nights.  Courtney had fun with her favorite cousin, Kay -- the only other Shaeffer girl among the cousins -- and fortunately just two years older.  Kay can drive and they had a blast going wherever they wanted in a car, unaccompanied.  Got Courtney REALLY excited for her friends to get driver's licenses.

Friday Dan and Marty joined Dan's older brothers (Marty and Duncan) and the other teenage Shaeffer boys (living at home) and spent the day 4-wheeling and shooting guns in the desert.  

I visited my high school friend, Camille, held her new baby, met her boys, went to lunch and literally had to pull myself away so she could get back to her real life...but I didn't want to!  I could have kept talking with her for hours!
That evening we all went to the Mesa Temple Pageant and had a wonderful picnic while we waited for it to begin.

Saturday we went on a family hike in the desert and then to Marty's for a BBQ and swim.  

That night after Priesthood Mtg, we had an outdoor Easter Feast at Dunc and Kristin's.  Dan and his brother Marty ditched us for a hockey game (and loved it), Dunc cut out early to work and the kids of course were playing and having a great time which left the three Shaeffer Sister-in-laws to ourselves to get to talk and catch-up and laugh and share.  Another wonderful evening...

Sunday we had our first outdoor Easter egg hunt.  Most often we're in a condo in St. George over Easter so the Easter bunny hides eggs inside.  Matt and Bekah's Easter Bunny is AWESOME and I think it was our best hunt ever.  It was all boys because Courtney was inside barfing her guts out.  We hoped she felt better soon because in a few short hours we were heading out for our drive home!

Dunc and Kristin and their kids joined us at Bekah's for Conference and then Marty and Erin and Jacob came after to join us for our family's traditional Conference Soup.  It was delish and then too soon it was time to go.  This was an amazing vacation for all of us mostly because of the time we got to spend with our wonderful Arizona family.  We love you guys!

That afternoon we drove to the Grand Canyon where I was petrified beyond belief.  I kept my panic under wraps so we could enjoy this natural wonder, but all kids were under strict orders to hold our hands and walk right beside -- not faster, not slower, no running.  After we got our picture taken Marty did a quick bounce, pretending to fall and I almost lost it.  I seriously almost started to cry which I'm sure would have been punishment enough for him to have his mom bawling at the Grand Canyon.  We jumped back into the car and at another viewpoint Dan asked if we wanted to get out and I said "no, we'd had enough excitement for the day. (i.e. GET US OUT OF HERE!)"

So we've done it never have to go back until my kids take their kids back, which I'm sure I will also dread.  I hate heights.

We slept at Cameron Trading Post Lodge which was quite awesome and then arrived home to snow.

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Tiffany said...

Loved your post! Looked like you had a great time! I forgot that you are petrified of heights like me. LOL---not sure if we'll go to the Grand Canyon....