Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not Quite Done With Courtney

My mind is still on my beautiful, kind, talented daughter who turned 15 this week!
We had a joint birthday celebration with Grandpa on Sunday. Courtney's birthday is April 26 and my Dad was 68 on April 27th. Mine and Dan's anniversary is April 24th (just celebrated 18 years). Lots of great celebrations this week!

I snuck up on Courtney while she was practicing the piano yesterday and took video of her because I LOVE all the songs she plays and want to capture them forever!

When I was in 8th grade I was so bored with classical music and with practicing that I was thrilled when I could finally QUIT piano! Only a few months later I regretted it but it was hard to go back. I still found some songs I liked and tried to learn them but felt if I'd kept taking lessons for a couple more years, I would have crossed over into a place where I could actually sight read well and play anything. Yeah, I regretted quitting, just like my mom and grandma said I would.

So we've told our kids they have to take lessons until they're 16. (Hopefully after they "crossover" therefore wanting to continue to play. Maybe they'll even ask to keep taking lessons!) But I also made a bargain with Courtney that she could play songs she likes. What's the point of playing if you don't like what you play, right? Jr. High kids don't like to sit around and listen to someone play classical music. They just don't. But it's awesome when your friends can play popular music! Everyone else wants to try and suddenly you're practicing because you WANT to learn this cool song, not because you HAVE to! Courtney's teacher has been great about our program: 1 "fun" song, 1 hymn or song for performing in church, and 1 classical. I've yet to hear Courtney practice her classical song lately, but her other songs sound AWESOME!

Viva la Vida -- Coldplay

I Heard Him Come

I LOVE when Courtney's friends all come over on Friday afternoon and each take turns playing songs on the piano. It fills our home with LIVE music and sets this great tone for a weekend!


Sheree said...

Beautiful! The music and Courtney. She is so talented and sweet. We love you Courtney!

Thackeray's said...

That was great. Emma started on piano in the fall and I just love it - as much as the violin. I can't wait until she's that good!

Angela said...

Leslie, Do you have any suggestions for popular violin music? I've found movie themes from Pirates or Harry Potter, but Marty's not really into that. We've found guys on YouTube playing Viva La Vida on their violins, but can't find any sheet music. Any ideas?!

Way to go Emma taking the piano too! She's quite a musician -- it was fun to see her this year at graduation!

Julie said...

Go Courtney!! I love to hear you play. I hope Roobs will follow your example and pound out a popular song or two.

Katie said...

can we borrow your music? Mason would love to learn this song, his jr. high choir sang it last year and it was great. I'll sneak by one day and see if I can pick up a copy for our house!