Thursday, March 25, 2010

Courtney and Friends

Each weekend the Jr. High crowd plans lots of fun!
My friend, Julie, blogged about it here.
They migrate from house to house and yard to yard and walk the streets in between, sometimes on a  "photo scavenger hunt" and sometimes wearing dress-ups because it's funny.

(I'm a big fan of doing things because it's funny. 
But nice things that really are funny -- not mean things that really aren't funny.) 
This group is nice.  And they are always having fun and laughing.  I love having them over hanging out in the yard or in the kitchen.  Especially now that I've bought paper drinking cups.

Big high on Tuesday. 
I went to the Jr. High to assist in creating a new e-mail database. 
It was lunchtime so all the kids were milling about.  I know enough to try to act as "normal" as possible upon entering the Jr. High...  Smile and say "Hi" so as not to be rude by completely ignoring them, but be discreet to allow them to not have to acknowledge they know you if they are totally embarrassed by you :-)
  As I headed up the stairs, two of Courtney's friends shout my name, "Angelaaaaaaaa!!" and come running to say Hi!
Ninth grade is a good place to be!
Courtney came home and said she saw me walking to my car.
She said, "I saw you outside and said, 'There's my Mom!' and ran to the window and was banging on it to say 'Hi' but you didn't hear me!!" 
Wow!  Have all my dreams of motherhood come true?
She said, "You should feel pretty special that I wasn't embarrassed to see my mom at school."
Believe me, I do!  Even after the April Fool's wig incident?
I feel very special indeed!


Ryan and Helen said...

Cute! I heart Courtney.

Julie said...

Hi Ho. Ruby is not quite so eager to say "hello" when I show up at school.