Monday, March 15, 2010

"Bewaaaaaare The Ides of March!"

Big shout out to my high school English teacher, Mrs. Carol Spackman-Moss!  Her enthusiasm for literature made English fun and every March 15th I think of her all day and love to remember her expression quoting Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, "Bewaaaare the Ides of March!"  It's just so fun to repeat!

When Christopher did not arrive on his March 12th due date, I worried that he might come on the Ides of March.  Fortunately the 15th came and went without event--phew.  March 16th I woke up in labor--so happy to have gotten past the Ides and hoping baby would make it before St. Patrick's Day.  Wasn't quite sure we wanted a lifetime of dyed green carnations to celebrate our baby's birth.  But as March 16th progressed, and my labor didn't, it seemed inevitable we were getting a St. Patrick's Day baby.

More on that to come.  For now, "Et tu Brute?"  So sad for Caesar, but so many fun high school memories for the rest of us.

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