Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Time in the Saddle

Monday I took my first bike ride of the new year. Much earlier than usual, but much later than I could have. In fact, this winter has been so mild I could have ridden all winter through. Today I took my second ride of the season -- and realized my hinney is still oh-so-sore.

What I've read is to ride far you need to "spend time in the saddle." The more time in the saddle, the more comfortable you can be for longer periods of the saddle. Last summer I worked up to 30 miles and felt great. Monday I rode 8 and my bum was not happy. Here's looking forward to spring and more time in the saddle.

Dan is on the phone making some hotel reservations. 
He gave the reservationist our kids' ages and finished with "they're a little older." 
I'm in awe that we're parents of kids who are "older" instead of younger. 
When did that happen?


Thackeray's said...

A part of me wishes my kids were a little older. I know I shouldn't.

Julie said...

It's so much fun! Older and younger. Back in the saddle could apply to so many areas of my life. And yet, not a bike. . . . yet.

Tiffany said...

YEAH! Good job getting back in the saddle...nothing like a good bike ride to get the endorphins running. Maybe you should get some new bike pants w/ extra cushion...I'm a wimp and have a built in cushion in my bike shorts.....