Friday, April 05, 2013

Spring Break

I had Spring Break #1 a few weeks ago when Nicholas' school had spring break. We went to Hawaii where Dan spoke at a conference but was only busy for a short time the first couple of days. We left Courtney and Marty home with cousin Ryan supervising. (They love him -- Awesome!) We took Chris out of school because by the 3rd child you realize missing a week of school isn't the end of the world -- especially if you think it's really important they have some time with you.)

Nicholas, Christopher and I swam and played. I read and they watched some TV. I also got them to read a little each day too. (So much easier without the older sibs -- don't ask me why. Courtney is always reading something for school on our trips and Marty reads really fast so he'll usually have a good book and read right through it.  Hmmm...)

We took a helicopter ride. We kayaked and snorkeled and even saw turtles. We saw lots of whales. We tried to kayak a second day to get closer to the whales, but they didn't show that morning. In fact, the water was so still it was like being on a lake. Amazing.

From the helicopter!

Spring Break #2 was this week when everyone else was out of school. We didn't make plans because we thought if Marty made the baseball team we'd better be here for practices and games. Also thought we might take Courtney on college visits.  

Courtney ended up going to St. George with friends. And then to Lake Powell. Marty made the team and had some practices and games but also spent a lot of time with big groups of friends rock climbing, going to movies, skateboarding, hanging out in the yard (they broke out the patio furniture and got the firepit going one night when the girls came over...), golfing and only some video games.

Christopher spent a lot of time on the trampoline, skiing, scootering back and forth to a friends house, playing in the yard, some video games, getting to go with friends to the movies one day, ropes course another and bowling another.
Setting up the new batting cage.
Nicholas was in school. But he came home and had easy homework because his teacher was sick so he got to play with friends much later than usual on a school night. (7:00...Oooohh!)

I got organized. I cleaned my desk. I paid bills. I cleaned drawers. I got some projects done. I hosted a birthday lunch for the ladies in Relief Society having a birthday in March and April. I made dinner for a friend with a new baby.  I made plans for our Europe trip. I stalked the college websites looking for the finite details of each one. I drove kids all over. I biked. I jogged. Yesterday night I even watched TV. It felt like summer -- without the chores and the practicing. (Even though we were still here, I decided we were technically on vacation.) But by today I wanted to BE somewhere ELSE. So I went shopping. I didn't exercise. I didn't even SHOWER! I just put on an outfit, bid the boys farewell--told them they should eat something and to call me if they went anywhere (easier with Nicholas in school) -- and headed to the outlets. Lovely.

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