Monday, April 15, 2013

New Week

We are on our way home. New York was fun, as always, (but we always have shopping fails!).

The most important part was of course our visit to Fordham. We had such a fun day! We started out walking into the WRONG room but a friendly student guide asked if he could help us. He proceeded to walk us to the wrong building (didnt know there was a special breakfast for scholarship students), BUT, as we walked and talked and peppered him with questions, found out he was a 3:2 student!! Yep, Courtney has angels looking out for her. She was able to get a student's perspective on the program.

We walked back to the building we started in but found the right place. Met other prospective students on our table.

After, we visited the different dorms and were able to ask lots more questions of the super friendly girls hanging out in their room letting us all check it out! We got tons of good information from them!!

We walked over to the church for sacrament meeting. No YSAs in that ward. Super friendly missionaries though--so excited when a family all in pants walked in! Perhaps a bit disappointed when they realized we were already Dunked, but excited to talk with fellow Utahns.

Dan has forbidden Courtney to walk herself to church there; however, if she goes to Fordham. He wants her to take the train to Manhattan for the singles ward. In his words (while talking to marty on the phone who had called to see if he really had to go to church when we weren't there and thought we hadn't gone), "Yes we did! And we had to walk through a REALLY dangerous neighborhood in the Bronx to get there!!"

We then had a motivating pump-up talk by the president of Fordham. SO nice to be on the "we want YOU" side of things instead of the "please let us come" side.

Finally we had an info session where we were able to ask all our questions about engineering and the 3:2 program to the 2 deans. And after we sat outside to regroup and discuss we thought of more questions, and sent Dan back in as our ambassador to ask them.

By then we could have stayed for a student question and answer, but Courtney felt like most of her questions were answered and we were all exhausted.

As we waited for the train back home, we reflected on all we learned. In Courtney's words, "I love New York and I like Fordham."

We are looking forward to Washington next weekend and to see how that feels!!

Courtney doing Physics homework on the plane. That girl is ALWAYS doing homework!

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