Saturday, April 13, 2013

Admit Weekend

We are on a plane headed to New York to spend a couple of days visiting Fordham. When we arrive we'll check into our hotel (The Trump! Yay! Dan treating his girls extra special this weekend!!) then head over to the Lincoln Center campus just to explore.
We go to Newsies tonight (much to Dan's chagrin --he'll be surprised when he actually recognizes songs from the Broadway kids cd that played ALL THE TIME when Courtney was 3!!). Last time we were in NYC visiting Fordham Courtney and I were disappointed we thought about going to Newsies too late.
(I'd take a picture of Courtney sleeping in Dan's first class seat but think the pilot sitting next to her might have me removed from the plane!)
Eric Clapton is even playing in concert tonight. Dan is REALLY dying!
Tomorrow we head to campus for a "scholar breakfast" for kids awarded academic scholarships and then large group speakers, panels, fairs, tours and possibly squeeze in a peak at the Bronx Ward.
Dan goes home Sunday night and Courtney and I stay through Monday so we can see the campus on a school day.
Next week is University of Washington. Both of these schools are great options for Courtney and we will be thrilled for her whereever she chooses to go. It will be fun to compare and see where she ends up!

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