Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Wednesdays can start early--at 6:15--making lunch and breakfast for Marty who leaves at 6:30 to Encore, the Jr. High singing group. But when Dan is in town he gets up and does it and I enjoy sleeping in until 7:30.

Marty likes an egg, veggie sausage, piece of toast and glass of juice for breakfast or swap the egg and toast for pancakes--that's a favorite too. But Courtney says eggs are too hard to eat first thing in the morning. She prefers Greek Yogurt or a smoothie. But she'll never pass up a bagel.

This morning after Marty left at 6:30, I cleaned my desk and tidied up the kitchen until 7:00 when Courtney came down. Then Courtney left and I had until 7:30 before the other boys got up. So I crawled back in bed. Nick came in bed 15 minutes later and we cuddled for a couple of minutes. Then he wanted to check out his Lego plane he made the night before. ("Can you believe I made it all by myself?!")

I finally got up with him at 7:45 and made breakfast for Chris and Nick. Chris likes fried eggs but Nick likes his scrambled. I made them practice the piano even though it was lesson day because we didn't practice at all on Sat, Sun, or Mon.

Usually they walk to school but today we were late and it was raining so I drove. Which is sometimes nice to drop them off and watch them walk in to start their school-day. Chris never leaves without blowing me a kiss and then waiting to catch my blown kiss in his hand and then press it onto his heart. It's a great way to start my day too.

Wednesdays are my day to pick up the Kindergarten carpool from morning K, bring them home for lunch and then take them to afternoon K at a different school.

So usually Wednesday mornings I try to get organized around the house. I also exercise and before I know it it's time to pick up the 3 boys. They are good friends, great at finding solutions to conflicts and expressing how they feel. They're always so excited about playing for 30 minutes before it's time for lunch and heading off to school. I really look forward to getting them on "my day." Nick really looks forward to it too!

I drop off the boys and run a few errands while I'm in the car -- go to the bank, fill up with gas, grab a few groceries for dinner. Then head home and finish working around the house.

On Wednesdays our piano teacher comes after school. She is enthusiastic and positive and all the kids actually look forward to their lessons (and the treat she gives them after).

The evenings are pretty peaceful with everyone doing their homework and after I get Chris and Nick in bed I look forward to Me, Courtney and Marty watching Modern Family all snuggled in my bed together eating ice cream!

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Thackeray's said...

I watched this week's Modern Family and I was thinking about you watching it with your kids. It was an interesting (although, funny) episode. Not one I'd like to watch with my kids though. :)