Thursday, January 20, 2011


The day before Friday can either be very hectic or very quiet. Last week Thursday was the day after Nick's Birthday Party. Lots of recovery needed. Two Thursdays ago I was in charge of the Jr. High Spelling Bee. The weeks before that were in December--Christmas shopping. The month before that, Thursday was Thanksgiving. And before that every single day was filled with football, soccer and Lacrosse.

But today, Thursday meant a walk, an hour helping in Nick's class, a trip to Target to pick up a few things, a trip to Basket Loft to find something cute, a sandwich to go from Paradise Bakery, wander around World Market to look for something else cute and then enough time to pick up Courtney from school to go buy new soccer cleats.

So this Thursday there was no rushing and no organizing. Shopping for a few needed things and time to stop in a few other favorite stores just to see what they had. It's nice to have time to not rush when out and about but to just slow down and enjoy myself.

After the kids got home from school and started doing their own things, I took an hour to read my book. Leftover pizza for dinner then out to watch Marty's basketball game -- a neighborhood game where no one kept score and kids switched sides. It was all just fun.

Bedtime was a bit more hectic because it was after 8 when we got home and Chris and Nick still needed to read and be read to and everyone was getting tired and a bit grumpy. But we did it without too much frustration. Even remembered to read scriptures and say family prayer--I'd already turned out Nick's lights and was laying back with him when I remembered, but I still remembered and we still gathered together and did it.

Dan came home from a trip last night too, so he got up with the big kids this Thursday morning and made breakfast and lunches and I slept in until Nick got up. Kind of set the tone for the whole day! Aaaahhh.


Blue said...

Ang, I'm really enjoying these lovely "day in your life" snippets. One of these relaxed thursdays we'll have to get together again and go for a walk and a sandwich! your days are so much more productive than mine! ♥

LaddandKatieMarshall said...

You seriously are a great mom--I love your posts!

Cindy said...

Aaaah!! Such a nice day! Thanks for sharing.