Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's a Bit Addicting

I just downloaded the Flipboard app onto my iPad. Apple voted it the 2010 App of the Year and it's easy to see why. I'm jumping out of bed in the morning just to see what it looks like now!

Add your Facebook, Twitter, any magazine with a Twitter feed or any of their news feed or magazine partners and it will turn them into a beautiful, easy-to-read magazine layout style.

Makes me feel like I'm reading real important stuff when my friends' Facebook feeds look like they're from the cover of a glossy magazine. Gorgeous! Takes away some of the guilt of time spent on Facebook. "Look they're published...I need to read this stuff!"

My favorite partner app is Smitten Kitchen -- recipes and beautiful photos of each to boot. Also added Real Simple Magazine through the Twitter feed. And National Geographic. And Fortune. And Roger Ebert's blog. That's when I realized I was addicted. You're going to love it!


bet[c] said...

i've had it for awhile. And you are right - it is a bit addicting and beautiful to look at.

Julie said...

Love Smitten Kitch. LOVE it!