Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nick Is Six!

I'm sitting here surfing and eating leftover birthday candy and finally deciding I'm tired and should head up to bed when I realize I need to post about Nick's Birthday today! How could I forget? Post-Party Decompression. But now I've remembered Aaaaannnd... I still have more candy.

Nick has been very excited for his birthday and has been counting down for over a week now. He even made his own countdown chart on post-it notes. Favorite quote to Courtney last night, said with complete awe,
"Courtney, can you believe I'm going to be six tomorrow?"

We usually have a birthday breakfast and open presents before everyone heads off to school. But today Marty had choir at 6:30 and Courtney had to leave by 7:00. So we had a special breakfast with just Nick and Chris and Mom and Dad. Dad made waffles -- Nick's special request. We only opened two presents so we could save the other two for when Courtney and Marty were home.

When Courtney was three, she LOVED Elmo. As an adventure, I decided to try to make her an Elmo cake. I had fun making it and it turned out pretty cute. After that I tried to make my kids' cakes each year. Sometime after that I found myself with 3 kids and then 4 kids and opted to buy cakes from time to time. However, this year I made Nick's cake. And it turned out pretty dang cute! (I bought the Costco cake so there would be enough for everyone and made the magician's hat and bunny to add to the top!)

Yep, I'm amazing!

Nick had a joint party with his friend, Will. 25 Kindergarten boys as well as 6 brothers and 1 sister and two sets of parents. It was crazy! For the first 45 minutes the boys just ran around playing with balloons we'd scattered all around the floor. Then we had a fantastically fun magician who was able to keep 25 5- and 6-year-olds' attention for 45 minutes!

Last, but not least, presents!
Nick will be building Legos all year long!

Right after the party our family went to Bonsai.
Nick was so excited to get to add his birthday picture to the wall!

Happy Birthday Nick! Can't believe you're six!

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