Friday, July 09, 2010


What a quiet week it's been! Courtney's at EFY and Marty and Dan are at Scout Camp. Everyone left Monday morning and they don't get back until Saturday. I've realized a week's a long time to have half your family away!

Outside Chipman Hall at BYU, looking forward to a great week at EFY

The raft the scouts built--Bear Lake, July 2010

Chris and Nick have played with friends the entire day and then late into the night. We all go outside after the shadows cool off the yard and they climb trees and I sit on our new patio furniture reading a good book. Dinners have been simple and we haven't eaten breakfast until 10:45 when Nick and I get back from swim lessons!

Life's been a bit more laidback -- I haven't had to drive anyone anywhere except to pick up or drop off at a friend's house or to make an evening trip to Island Flavor for snow cones. It's certainly been quieter with only two kids around instead of four. And without the groups of friends hanging out that the older two usually have over.

I've stayed up as late as I've wanted reading with the idea that I'll sleep in as long as I want. For some unexplained reason I've woken up each morning around 7:30. But I've stayed in bed reading which is heavenly!

After quiet evenings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I was stir crazy to have some life over here! I sent out an e-mail to anyone I had an address for and invited "everyone" over for Italian Sodas and popsicles. I loved having the yard filled with kids and the outdoor couches filled with friends catching up on summer and life! (And Tiffany, not one of my friends had had Italian Sodas before! I told them all about you and how it had become a favorite you'd introduced us to--was it in New York?!)

Everyone comes home tomorrow and I'm ready. I miss my kids. I miss giving and getting their hugs. I miss hearing about their days and I miss seeing their Facebook updates. I miss hearing them play the piano and violin. I miss talking to them. I miss my husband and sitting outside together. It's time to all be together again, if only for a few hours before they run off again.
It will be nice to just have everyone check in.


Blue said...

so, if i'd actually stopped by your house instead of calling you on my way to Top It last night to see if you wanted to hang out, i'd have been a party crasher.

hope we can meet up sometime soon! if you're ever lonely give me a call--i'm kind of a widow these days.

jukebox6 said...

Loved the Italian Sodas! My boys had fun playing in the yard. I am a bit jealous of your "quiet" week. I hope you enjoyed the temporary change and the fact that now you love your crazy life even more.