Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Some of the piles I'm tackling this summer...
Piles of laundry every Tuesday...
Someday I want to get it all folded in the laundry room, but it seems a few loads always end up in my room to get folded and I never get around to it. And suddenly it's Tuesday again!

I do love summer because there are fewer socks! And I HATE sorting socks!

Piles of books to read this summer...
I like having my own books. I like that even after I finish reading them, the ones I love will still be around for me to see on my shelf and remind me how much I enjoyed them.

At one time I attempted to enjoy the library. I went in with a long list and loads of enthusiasm and was sorely disappointed when I didn't find even ONE of my books available. I'm not a fan of adding my name to a list and waiting...

Two weeks ago I went online to order books from Barnes & Noble. One was out of print and I decided to try their used books service... Ohhhhhhh... Books to own at a fraction of the price. I'm in heaven!

(Although I have to say the book I'm reading now has comments/criticism written in the columns and it's driving me crazy! Past Reader is choosing the most nit-picky things to notice and "complain" about. I can already tell her personality...you know the type.)

Piles of math papers and flash cards...
Summer is not summer without Aunt Marge. She has always been an important part of summers and Christmas for all of my 39 years. We'd wait eagerly for her to arrive and as soon as her 1970 gold Buick pulled up -- bringing her from Northern California to Utah -- we'd shout with joy and go running for hugs and often treasures.

Marge is a whiz at teaching children math facts. Each morning last week she worked with Christopher teaching the stories that go with each fact which magically cements them in your brain. Within a few lessons he could finish a timed test in seconds instead of long painful minutes and his self-esteem had gone through the roof.

Piles of recipes...
About a year ago I sorted through my recipes -- torn from pages of magazines or handwritten on notecards or scratch paper. Some in the category of "I've been meaning to try this," and many stained and dirty from sitting so often by my stove while I used it over and over and over.

I sorted them and placed them loosely in a notebook with the intention of putting them in sheet savers or 3-hole punching them in. The notebook has sat on my counter-top for several weeks on several different occasions because I've intended to finish the project. And then never have.

Well I finally got it done!


Blue said...

I've been on the waiting list for The Hunger Wars for a while. I'm now in the 500's...so it'll be a while before I get to it.

Unless you have it and want to loan?! :-)

We were driving up your street last week and no one was home but I was happy to have an Angie-moment anyway. I could relate to much of this post, except the library part...we still request books online and when they email that they're in we trudge over and pick them up. Books haven't become part of the budget so far.

Blue ♥

Julie said...

Thanks for reminding me about "the piles." I have many piles waiting for me at home.
Could we barrow your Aunt Marge for a week?
I do appreciate your sentiments on owning books. I too just bought a used one for 1/2 the original price. Sarah's Key. Have you read it yet?