Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Oh yeah... I'm offended!

Got the above promotion addressed to me in the mail today...
"More" magazine "for women who love to act their age."

I have no reservations about turning 40 soon, but I'd no sooner have my daughter start reading "Seventeen" at age 7, then I'd read a magazine for 60-year-olds when I'm 39!

This older woman who has gone "gracefully gray" trying to tell me I'm her age?!
Far from it, lady! I've got a few grays, but only about 5! You want to be best friends? Great!
But I'm nowhere near menopause so we'll have to find some other common ground to chat about!

I checked out their website and found one can enjoy articles on:
Surviving Hot Flashes
The Cougar Life (and I don't mean BYU alum)
An article about Pilates which carefully explains what exactly that means
Anti-aging tricks with your make-up
All things menopause
And sex after 50.

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