Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm Back!

So I'm home from my awesome trip, caught up on laundry, Primary, Christmas, school and home stuff so that now I get to take time to blog! That and I had an early Christmas present... Today is early day (kids come home from school at 1:15 and I dread it because I really like my quiet time while Nick is napping -- even though I do love my kids tons!!). Marty's friend called early this morning to ask if he could go over after school -- YEA! Yes he can!! And Christopher starts yelling in the background, "Ask if I can come too and play with Will!" And instead of being a good mom and teaching him that it's rude to invite yourself over, I was in the kitchen crossing my fingers and hoping...hoping, "Please let Will's mom say 'Yes.' Please let her say 'Yes.'" YEEEESSSSS!!!!!

So it's 3:00, I've done all that I need to do and now I'm checking in to say hello and report on our most awesome Thanksgiving vacation on the Disney cruise!!! (And also noting some new blogspot post features that I need to check out. Hmmm.)

Sooooo... The Friday before Thanksgiving our family flew to Orlando to finally go on our cruise that we'd been planning with friends for about a year! We stayed at a wonderful hotel across from downtown Disney and started out by immediately watching several episodes of Hannah Montana. Because we don't have cable at home. And mom and dad had a door that could be shut in between rooms.

After everyone was well assured that 24 hours of Disney channel would be available after we got back from dinner we jaywalked across 10 lanes of road (although not much traffic) and hit Downtown Disney for dinner. We'd been to Rainforest cafe so didn't have to wait in the 20 minute line to get your name on the 1 hour wait list for dinner. Whew. No wait at the Seafood restaurant but the moment I ushered all the kids in I could tell by their panicked, bulging eyes that they could smell the same strange fish stench I could and we rushed out for fresh air. Instead went to a very overpriced Italian restaurant. Lots of crayons and butcher paper so everyone was happy. Topped off the evening with dessert at Ghiradelli's and paid the 50 cents so Nick and Chris could ride a little train after and came back and watched more Disney channel. Again, lots and lots of happiness.

The next morning we were off to Port Canaveral. The most exciting part of the one hour drive was spotting alligators along the side of the road! We also received much political advice from our van driver who wasn't a big fan of Rudy Giuliani.

I think even the seasoned Disneyland-goers have to agree that Disneyland is a magical place and upon arriving at the port and seeing the great mouse ears festooned on the nautical-red ship stack towering high above everything else in sight, we were in awe knowing we got to "live in Disneyland" for a week!


We're Wingin It said...

Fun! I love all the pictures. Your "couples" massage sounds hilarious. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story, especially pictures of the island.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing about the trip...and the massage. I guess Disney isn't known for their spa ammeneties. Too funny.