Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Life is getting pretty complicated when not only do you have to decorate your home for Christmas, but also your blog. I've spent the better part of the last 7 days and long into the nights trying to figure out all sorts of complicated html and reviewing several websites for do-it-yourself templates and had zero success.

I'm pretty computer savvy -- was actually the website manager for our preschool website many moons ago and in what seems like a previous life taught software classes, wrote guides for the elusive NeXT computer software and solved all problems computer-related at the ad agency in Dallas where I worked. So I know my way around a computer -- at least I did 13 years ago. Times have changed and while I don't know what I'm doing, I'm not afraid of trying to figure it out. But I also know when to throw in the towel. Called Sheree first thing this morning... "How'd you do it?!! How do I get a personal header?!!" Well she walked me through the two-step process that's very obvious on the Customize page and has nothing to do with changing html.

So I'm officially blog decorated for Christmas. (By the way we don't even have lights up on our house!! The last two Saturdays we've had huge snowstorms so Dan couldn't put them up then and he's been traveling during the week. We did hire a guy after Thanksgiving but he never showed up. In addition they were sold out of 18 foot Christmas trees at the lot so we don't have our entry tree either! We are really Grinches this year and we don't even mean to be!!) But at least my blog is decorated.

I also got sucked into downloading old Christmas videos from our camcorder. That too was a software fiasco (even on the Mac) but several late nights later and a software update and I'm hooked up and ready to go. Thus the video of Christmas 2001. And since I'm the mom, once I get started watching the past, I can't stop!

Merry Christmas!

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