Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christopher, Christopher, Christopher...

While I'm burning what feels like 100's of 1000's of CD's of the Primary Program songs for 2008 for Christmas gifts for our primary kids (only 50 but somehow feels like much, much more), I thought I'd give everyone a "bit of Christopher."

He's starting a tap dance class with a couple of friends and is very excited about his "tappy" shoes. His teacher told him boys make the best tap dancers and all the famous tap dancers are boys. So on the way over to class today he says, "I bet if I keep taking tap lessons I'll be the best tap dancer in my school. I bet I'll become famous. And if I'm famous it will be easy to get lots of girlfriends. And I bet they'll be HOT!"

He's 6.

And if all the Hot Girls aren't excited about the tap dancing, they will be about this:

Tonight at bedtime:
"Mom, today at school my friend dared me to pick up my poo and squish it in my hand. I did it... but I washed my hands really, really good!"


We're Wingin It said...

Oh yuck! That is just sick! I know that the poop smell just doesn't come off easily, even with soap and water. Ewww. And so cute about the tap dancing!

Jenn C. said...

Hi Angela! Thanks for the Christmas card. I finally jumped into the 21st century and created a blog site. Come visit us at

Look forward to hearing from you.
Merry Christmas!
Jennifer Chiara

matt, bekah & baby jax said...

I am so so excited about raising a little boy. Christopher is awesome. I'm so glad your documenting these hilarious moments.

Michelle said...

My kids laughed and laughed about this post. I had to make Isaac pinky swear that he wouldn't try the hand in potty trick himself. He's easily grosed out, so I think I'm okay, but given the right audience one never knows :-)

Camille said...

This story is tooo funny! My husband even died laughing.