Monday, October 24, 2016

Root Canal

soft foods today but no pain so far
My tooth with a crown has been killing me. For about 2 years. The first 6 months I blamed it on the crown. Then the next 6 months I wondered if the height wasn't right. I kept waiting for it to feel better. And when it didn't, I tried different solutions at the dentist -- were different teeth too high? Would sensitive teeth toothpast help? Should I just never eat cold, hot or crunchy food again?  Finally I asked the dentist what the next steps could be.

I saw an endodontist today and he immediately pointed out the need for a root canal. And then got out his numbing stuff and gave me one. It was a little unexpected to get it taken care of right then, but I am relieved. Looking forward to the end of this pain. And so hoping I can eat chips, cold fruit, apples and vegetables again. And Kind bars... From time to time I would eat the above things, but ever so delicately. Because as soon as I wasn't thinking about it, YOW, my tooth would zing and the throb for the rest of the day.

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