Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Looking Over His Shoulder

The day I always look forward to! Waterford's Mother's Day! 
It was so fun to see what Middle School was like.
 I attended Computers and learned more about Scratch, the program Nick uses to create games. It's so simple and so cool and a great way for beginners to learn coding!

Humanities was awesome -- great discussion on The Giver and I loved how the teacher asked questions and started discussions and got the kids thinking and looking for ideas. (Seriously getting our money's worth! 12 kids in each class!!) I would love to take a literature class myself! (Oh wait, I am. But I'm not getting the great discussion out of it since it's an online class -- which I miss.)

Next was Latin which Nick loves. I can see why -- the teacher is super mellow, they work on listening and writing what they hear and then on translating. And then play games to put it all together. It was fun and I did really good on learning the days of the week thanks to Spanish (and hints from the teacher.)

We joined the Christensens for lunch at SmashBurger and then Nick talked me into taking him home and letting him skip Math and Band. Well, when you always do your homework and get your assignments turned in, it's easy to allow a sluff day once in a while. 

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