Wednesday, October 12, 2016

One Thing I Like About Being Me

Courtney texted me last week because she was filling out her application to work in a research lab this semester and she needed her Hep B shot info. So I went to the file and found her yellow card with the date and sent it to her.  (The date, not the card!)

The very next day, Marty texted while filling out info on the Missionary Portal and needed all his immunization records. So I went to the file and got his yellow card, along with the updated sheet from his shots for Peru last Spring and easily sent him the dates and info.

Way back when Courtney was a baby, I put her yellow card in a file and resolved that I would always know where to find it. And that same pink file folder labeled "Important Stuff" has been added to with three more yellow cards, over 21 years and come with us through 8 moves and I always know where to find it. 

And that's one thing I like about being me.

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Kristin Shaeffer said...

How cool is that! I like that about YOU too Angela. I would like you even better is you would keep track of MY important stuff too.