Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Keeping Courtney Updated

This is the post to keep Courtney updated on all the happenings of home. So far it's been perfectly mundane. But that's kind of nice about home... when things aren't chaotic or dramatic; but peaceful. Never boring, but calm.

Courtney left on Thursday. I wasn't sure if she wanted to be independent and have Dad or Mom simply drop her off at the airport; or, if she wanted to be accompanied and helped on her way. (She doesn't need help, but sometimes we all like to have company when we're embarking on something big.)  I mentioned I had to drive carpool right at the time she was leaving...

"Well, I think dropping your daughter off to move to Bristol, England for 3 months is kind of a big deal and not something you miss because you have to drive carpool!"

Message received. Carpool was traded.

By lunchtime, she was packed and more than ready. We still had several hours before we needed to leave. So we had time to get our nails done. And then we raced home to pick up Dan and head to the airport.

This is Courtney leaving:

Was I sad? I was actually more excited than anything. I've said goodbye to my daughter now several times and it's sad to have to say goodbye and I'll miss her. (She's watching Kimmy Schmidt without me...!!!) But I was so excited to have her finally get to Bristol after waiting for it for so long!

She arrived on Friday and then it took her half the day to finally get to her dorm. But she made it and her video is fun to watch, if you haven't already.

And now here's what's happened here since then:

Chris went to piano, but Nicholas didn't. He's officially quit piano and started the saxophone, in addition to the clarinet. In the beginning I promised he wouldn't have to play three instruments. And it was hard to think of him not playing the piano. But he chose the sax and clarinet, and that's that. Not to mention, his teacher is awesome, and Nick's talented at both. Nick is thrilled.

Marty had a lacrosse game down in Eagle Mountain. Dan cancelled a meeting and went down to watch. While Lance was facing off, he yelled to Dan on the sidelines, "Hey, Dan! Are you taking me and Marty to dinner after?" When a teenager invites you to spend time with him, you say yes. Cafe Rio after the game.

Nick had lacrosse practice and Chris went skateboarding with his friends. It was a quiet night.

Friday morning I had breakfast with High School friends. We always laugh a lot. Lizzie P. is loving being in college and living at the U. "Best three weeks of her life." Funny KT took Gabe & Kira to be extras in Saturday's Warrior in the middle of the night the night before. We may see a lock of Kira's red hair in the bus scene.

It was Luke Adair's b-day on Thursday so Diane organized a surprise temple trip for all of Luke's friends to do baptisms after early day on Friday. What a great group of kids!

Nicholas was super excited for the Olympus High Homecoming Football game. He went with Luke and Daniel and found the rest of their friends there. At one point he went to the bathroom and then couldn't find anyone for a while and was walking around by himself. He said he didn't like that. But then he found them again so all was well.

Chris and Marty and friends went to the game as well. Mom and Dad stayed home and watched the movie of a book I really liked: The 100 Year Old Man Who Went Out a Window and Disappeared. A lot of it was in Swedish and it took us a while to figure out we needed to turn subtitles on and then to figure out how to do that. But Dad's a tech genius and eventually he figured it out!

Homecoming! Marty and friends had a fun day activity planned, but unfortunately, Sam couldn't go because she has an internship on Saturdays she can't miss. Marty wasn't comfortable going as a 5th wheel so stayed home instead.

I attended Mr. Manning's funeral in the high school theater. It was a wonderful memorial and tribute to a wonderful man. As a Principal, Bishop, Father and Friend, he made sure kids knew he loved and cared about them. I felt lucky to have worked with him and seen him interact with the students and also on behalf of Olympus High.

Dad and Nick went to his lacrosse game -- in Ogden! Nick's team won -- 12-11. Close game! Nick played defense again but wishes he could play Midi. We talked to him about talking to his coaches -- especially since it's a learning season -- but he's not sure he feels comfortable doing that. On the flip side, next time he's going to use Marty's D-pole!

Chris and I went and bought the supplies he needed for his Eagle Project -- Harry Potter wands for Primary Children's Hospital's Harry Potter Halloween party. We've got his project night scheduled for Oct. 1.

Marty picked up his suit and flowers and Lance came over and they got ready together. His suit looked perfect! We (Courtney, Me and Marty) did a good job and putting together a great looking ensemble!

Marty and I had the same hair in high school :-)

The boys picked up their dates and then went to a Kronk's house for dinner. Their mom and dad had a backyard table set up "just like a restaurant" and then served the group -- his dad cooking and his mom serving. Marty reported that it was awesome. Great food and atmosphere.

They went to the dance where they promptly said goodbye to their dates and hung out with friends. I'll never understand that, but I know you (Courtney) do! They did find each other for slow dances. Phew!

After the group came here to play games and watch a movie. There were about 10 couples and I loved that I got to see them come in and say Hi while they were all in their dresses and suits! Such great kids who know how to have fun! (I wanted to meet Danny Naylor, but I don't think I did -- their car came a little later.)

They played "Signs" and another game and were laughing and cheering until 1:00 a.m. Dad heard them leave by 1:45 but I was fast asleep.

Meanwhile, back at 9:00 p.m., Dad and I arrived home from dinner up at the junction (so I could return a pair of pants at the outlets), just in time to turn on the BYU game. Nick got home from Anders' at the same time so we all watched in our room. When Marty got to our house after 10:00, he kept coming to check on the game while they waited for the girls to finish changing clothes. It was a great game but ended in disappointment.

It was the first Sunday of the new schedule -- Sacrament Meeting first. Which meant we had to be better about being on time. We did pretty good. (Also, Marty wore his Homecoming suit again which was fun to get to see him in it again.) Weston spoke with the High Councilor so I was happy I got to hear his mission report! I guess all this next year will be your friends speaking! That will be fun for me and good for Marty and Chris.

Sunday evening we had the Pratts and the Johnsons (Peyton's family) come over for dessert -- brownies and ice cream. It was fun getting to know them better and the kids had fun hanging out with friends on Sunday.

Mom stuff: wash the laundry, fold the laundry, get Chris' scout patches sewn on. Search for his Scout shirt, clean Marty's slacks that had a spot on the knee. Work out with Michelle, make a dinner plan for the week, write out the boys' schedule so I don't forget they have practicing, homework, lawn mowing and "s" worksheet. Shower. Get dressed. Take Chris after school to buy a lax helmet and get his new suit coat tailored. Family Home Evening. Plan the Webelos camp out.

Mom stuff is good. I like keeping our house running. I like these jobs that keep me busy but also contribute to my family. I'm tired of being busy with jobs for other people's projects. So even though it doesn't sound exciting to fold the laundry and everything else listed above, it makes me happy to have the time to do these things. Remember this for when you're a mom. Or when you're a mom that's been too busy and you suddenly realize you need to cut back. It's okay. You'll be happy you did.

For family night we ate Papa Murphy's pizza in the yard and the boys played catch with their lacrosse sticks. It was perfect weather for being out in the yard. Just before dark Chris went out long boarding and Nick started his homework. AND... Dad and I finished organizing the garage! It looks so awesome and organized. All my birthday wishes come true!

Love you, Courtney!

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Courtney said...

I LOVE getting these updates!! So fun to hear how everything is going. Marty looks so handsome in his homecoming suit. And the garage looks amazing...that longboard rack really cleans it up so much!! Such a good feeling! Keep the updates coming for me. Love you!!