Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's a Beautiful Life

Yesterday was scripture class and Diane showed this video. I thought it was so beautiful -- I'd never seen it before and just found out now that it's from "Meet the Mormons." (Still haven't watched that movie -- Another FHE idea!)

When we were in Greece, I was reminded of how small our world really is. Our cruise was filled with people from all over Europe all speaking different languages. But we had so much in common.  I watched a toddler play chase with her parents; Courtney noticed everyone taking selfies at the Acropolis; when I was explaining about Pompeii to Nicholas, our tour guide likened it to the mosaics depicting Mythological stories decorating walls in the Pompeii homes (76 AD) -- people wanting to teach their children and have them understand their history; our stylish, friendly sales girl in the leather store in Athens was Courtney's age and also studying at University.

We are all brothers and sisters. We love our children. We love our parents. We're doing our best to be kind to our neighbors, to treat the Earth well, to teach our children compassion. We're not perfect, but as a whole we're doing a pretty good job.

After scripture class, Jenny, Carol and I went to lunch. We've been friends for 30 years! It's great having people who have known you that long. Emily has a group of about 30 friends that plan fun activities every day. Anyone is welcome to join -- "the more, the merrier." Sounds like Courtney's ideal group of friends! Sarah is in her last year at the Y. Josh graduates this year and we had fun talking about Josh and Marty's future with missions and college. Mary is in 9th grade and recently had to write three words about herself. She wrote, "I Am Flawless," and couldn't figure out why this made her family laugh. That kind of confidence sounds like another 9th grader I know! Can't wait until they meet each other next year!

Nate is having fun settling into the Y and has gone on some fun dates. Nick has been on his mission for a few weeks and is getting used to it, but his family is still having a hard time missing him. Lots of tears whenever a country song comes on the radio :-)  Lexie is still trying to find a group in high school. I was reminded of Courtney's group -- and Marty's too -- where anyone who wanted to have fun and no drama was welcome to hang out. Christopher's group seems to be the same. How lucky we all are to have that!

After school, Marty and Chris mowed lawns and Nick had scouts. Nick loved planning for their upcoming campout and talked everyone into tin foil dinners because they were SO GOOD when he went camping with Dad and the scouts.  Dan is a good sport to happily take the Webeloes camping after I volunteered him to do it!

Marty went rock climbing both Monday and Tuesday outside. It makes me a teeny bit nervous, but he's having fun and I'm so glad they're going outside, trying something new that they love. He also signed up to take a Lead Climbing class with Chris in a couple of weeks.

At dinnertime, Chris was out long boarding (he ate earlier), Marty was rock climbing and Nick was at lacrosse practice. So Dad and I took our dinner outside and ate on the lawn. The weather was perfect and we loved sitting outside eating and catching up. Of course we totally lost track of time and almost forgot to pick up Chris and take him to parkour, but we remembered just in time.

For dinner I made orange chicken and fried rice (with quinoa instead of rice). Chris ate it but called it, "Liar's Fried Rice." Both Marty and Nicholas refused. To Marty's credit, he tried to convince Nick to try it after I was getting stern with Nick telling him he had to eat three bites. But Nick said he couldn't stand the texture and I learned my lesson long ago with Marty that trying to force them to eat isn't worth the aggravation. So I just rolled my eyes.

At the end of the night Dad and I watched The Mindy Project. So sorry for Courtney that she doesn't get Hulu in England! But secretly happy that I get to watch it all over again with her in December!

This morning I rode past LaCaille to the turn off to Snowbird Canyon (I wish I could remember if it's Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon, but I never can and I don't think I ever will.) The leaves are changing and it's beautiful! I LOVE this time of year!

Marty had a lacrosse game in Logan today so Dad drove he and Lance up there and watched. Cole got a ride too and just before they got on the freeway, Ryan called and asked for a ride. So they turned around and collected (Bristol speak!) him too. Dad said he loved listening to their conversation on the ride up there. Unfortunately it was a tough game and they lost. But Dad's taking them all out to dinner at Maddox after so that will break up the trip.

Nicholas was invited to the Maze Runner sequel: The Scorch Trials, with a friend he doesn't hang out with much, so he was excited about that. His report was that it was gruesome and intense.

For Young Men's Christopher went rock climbing up Big Cottonwood Canyon (sadly, I don't know which one this is). Christopher said he never got stuck, even when other kids did. It was his first time outside. I think my kids are pretty cool for learning how to do this!!

Tonight we will be keeping Nicholas up way too late watching the Modern Family and Blackish Season Premieres.

It's a happy, beautiful life.

Been working on this today -- Family Theme 2015-16

Selfie I had to take for Ward Directory

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Blue said...

Big is the one closest to you. Little is the one further away (past LaCaille). Alta and Snowbird are in Little.

I'm so excited you bought potatoes cause it means i'll get to see you for SURE in the next month! it's been waaaay too long. xo