Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hanging Out With Friends

Look what's cool again... Christopher got one. Tech Decks were on Christmas lists for our cousins about 15 years ago!

And big shout out to our favorite preschool -- Crestwood Hills Co-op -- making an appearance on Modern Family! Oh the chickens and the yoga... what great memories! But in all seriousness, I couldn't have asked for a better environment for my kids to play all morning, to learn to share, to learn to speak up for themselves, for teachers who taught me how to teach conflict resolution, for teachers who taught that "hitting hurts" but also loved the children who hit and taught us what was normal preschooler development and how to teach our children appropriate ways to express themselves. Crestwood was a huge blessing in our lives and I'm not just saying this, but I'll be forever grateful. Not to mention, my best LA friends were the parents I met at Crestwood. Those and my wardies. Sigh... Beautiful times.

And since we went to school with Steve Levitan's kids, I was wondering if Crestwood would ever make an appearance. I think there was a shout out years ago when Lily checked out "Wagon Wheel" preschool. But this time the filming was actually at Crestwood.  Love it!!  (Krista and Giffin, I miss you!)

On Thursdays I hike. (In the fall, when it's not rainy or ice, and when I don't have something else I need to do.) I headed up Mt. Olympus hoping to just hike to the first river.

But I had my first rattlesnake sighting. Fortunately, I really zoomed into this picture and I was much farther away when I noticed it. (About 10 feet.) Plenty of time to stop and turn around without getting my heart rate up.

I did a set of tricep dips on a far away rock to see if it would leave, but still it sat in the middle of the path, so I just turned around an went back. Didn't even consider waiting around, trying to get past or throwing rocks at it.

So many metaphors for seeing a rattlesnake in the path. One is: earlier I was noticing a tall rock with smooth sides and realizing I'd never taken much notice of it before. But because I could see how smooth the lower part was, hundreds of others had appreciated it and rubbed their hands on it. It even made me consider, "Should I be looking up more as I hiked and appreciating what's around me instead of always keeping my eyes on the path?!" The answer is no. Watch where you put your feet and make sure you don't step on a snake or fall off a cliff.

Finally, as I was almost back to my car, Courtney called so I was able to talk to her while I sat on a snake-free rock and looked out over the beautiful Salt Lake Valley.
I drove Courtney's car on Wednesday -- mine was in the shop.

That afternoon I also attended the temple. I am so grateful for the spirit I feel there EVERY TIME I GO. Seriously, every time. (I almost worry that writing it will jinx it. Because I kind of believe in jinxing.) But I am so grateful for that personal connection with my Heavenly Father. I don't understand everything about this life and the intricacies of the Gospel and the meanings behind everything in the temple. But I do know God loves us and the temple binds our families together in a personal and powerful way.

We got an e-mail that (surprise!) Marty and Chris had lacrosse practice at 3:30 p.m. Well, Chris had piano until 4 and Marty didn't get home from ACT prep until 3:45. I was taking Nick to get his wire fixed on his braces (again!) and we took the liberty of saying no, they couldn't make it. There are some sports where this isn't an option. You must rearrange everything even if you were just told 60 seconds ago a last minute practice was being held. So far, lacrosse isn't one of them. Or, we are just maturing and realizing what's most important. It felt so liberating!

While Nick was doing his math homework, Marty was teaching him so patterns for making math easier. It was fun to listen to Marty teach him. Nick felt it was sort of cheating, and Marty was trying to help him understand that math was all about patterns, that's what makes it easier. (Nick, you gotta trust Marty on this one!)

Dan and Marty flew to Detroit to visit the Fredenberg farm and see the BYU/Michigan game (which turned out super awful). Also went to a Tigers game on Friday night.

I went hiking with KT, ironically up Rattlesnake Gulch. Fortunately it didn't live up to its name.
We are such fun, cute moms. Right?

That afternoon, I had lunch with Marianne. And we seriously sat on the lovely patio of Copper Kitchen for 3 hours! It was the best visit! At 4:15 I couldn't believe time and rushed home. Nick and Chris were perfectly happy with friends and projects. Plus, I'd left Einstein bagels and cream cheese for an after school snack which makes everyone happy. Having older kids is a nice stage to be in!

Chris took off with his friends to do their Friday night wandering around.
Nick's friends had plans to hang at our house for a couple of hours and then another mom was taking them to Hotel Transylvania 2.  When that plan was made at 5:00 p.m., I immediately put on my pajamas.

Kay stopped by on her way home to Arizona just as Nick and friends were leaving. We chatted while she ate dinner and then both went our separate ways for alone time.

I'm reading Dead Wake but am having a hard time staying awake while reading it. It's a good book, but not riveting yet. Also caught up on some "Call The Midwife" episodes.

Chris had lacrosse games first thing in the morning. It's always fun to watch the kids play and sit and chat with parents, catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones. We try to say, "Hey! Watch! your kid is in!" And we always apologize when, because of our chatting, someone misses their child make a goal.
Chris is the one with the bright yellow shoes.

Both Chris and Nick mowed the lawn and I'm really proud that we're at a stage (end of the summer) that they would do it without complaining or trying to get out of it.  I wish I could say I was good about having a whole list of chores that they do. But I'm not. But they do practice their instruments. I think that counts.

Women's Conference was that evening. I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk/story. He's so fun to listen to. Part of it is the accent. He's also a great speaker!

I've got chicken curry going in the crock-pot so it will be all ready when we get home from church. Dinner will be quick because I have baptisms this evening.  And then we pick Marty up at the airport tonight.

Oh, and for anyone who reads this that knows her, Lexie F. is engaged!

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