Friday, June 07, 2013

Nicholas: January thru June

Nicholas got a ripstick for his birthday. At first he couldn't ride it and it was frustrating. But he kept practicing and got really good -- he would count how many loops he could make around the kitchen without falling. At first one was exciting. And then a few. And pretty soon he did 50. And finally he could go round and round and round...and do his reading homework at the same time.

Snow Day! Dan was out of town and the two oldest kids were already at school 
so Me, Nick and Chris did lots of shoveling!!

 Watching the Freestyle World Cup at Deer Valley with the Rigby's.

We spent the President's Day Holiday skiing at Deer Valley. 
Nick keeps up with me now. The other kids are way better than me. 
Anytime I thought I was going fast, I'd look behind me 
and Nick would be right on my tail!

Seriously, Nick? We followed Courtney and her friend into this apparently very dangerous area. Nick was ecstatic. I only went because they wanted me to take a picture of them. Nick was talking me down... "You can do it, Mom! Turn right here! You're can do it!"

He was so excited to start scouts this winter!

Notice they are waiting expectantly for the Pinewood Derby to begin. Nicholas had so much fun working with Dad to make his car. He designed a few, sanded and sanded, had fun choosing paint and stickers and finally weighing to make it just perfect. Came in Dead Last. Oh the heartbreak!

Trying on hats at Quiksilver. He really wanted this one. I kind of regret not buying it!

The snow finally melted by March. It was a Looong winter! 
He and Grant made the best of a sunny Spring Break!

The Easter Bunny knew just what the boys would love!

Nick learned to do a backflip a year or two ago, but then didn't dare for a while. 
Finally this year he was ready to try again. 
"Mom, you're the BEST back flip teacher!"

He had a day off of school so he got to come with us to Seattle for Courtney's UDub visit. 
Blue Sushi! Our favorite!!

Much in-class work (yes, I said that right -- the entire report project was done IN CLASS!
Bless you, Private School!) resulted in a fabulous "Endangered Species" Exhibition! 
Parents got to walk through and talk to students about their reports 
and learn at least one fact at each station. 
Nick had so much fun teaching people about "The Terrific Sea Otter" 
(and dressing up like an explorer)!

A few of Nick's friends signed up for Lacrosse so he decided to give it a try again.  
He really liked it this year and did great! 
He was a little more aggressive going for the ball 
and keeping up with the game than last year!

Nick's first love is baseball and to make the season the best ever, 
Dad was the coach!! Our team did so awesome! 
They only won one game last year; but with a year of growth and a little practice, 
they had a super season and won lots of games!

The final Spring Sing. We will miss you, Mr. Beck! 
Today in the car everyone was singing along to the radio. 
Nick commented, "Everyone always misses the PITCH at that part. 
They always sing lower than it's supposed to be!"
Nicholas had a great year in Mrs. LaForge's class!
He has learned so much and been so happy!
It was a GREAT year!

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