Friday, June 07, 2013

Christopher: January Thru June

I got together with a few of my friends to surprise our 6th graders with a trip to Disneyland. 
Oh what fun we had! We stayed at the Grand Californian 
and Disneylanded from the crack of dawn until the last moment it was open.

We learned that Disneyland is still a blast, even in the pouring rain!

Ever the romantic, AND a kid with a LOT of guts, Chris was 
the only one in the family to give a Valentine this year. 
He bared his heart and soul (and propensity for internet pick-up lines) 
to Anna Findley. She graciously said thank you and that she would like to be friends!!

We spent President's Day Weekend skiing at Deer Valley. Chris learned a cool, new trick! 
Besides that, he out skiied me by a mile and can keep up with Dad on any terrain!

Looking fine in this derby...

Our trip to Hawaii with just Nick and Chris was a blast. 
Chris was in a little bit of heaven lying in the sun, playing his iPod and sipping shakes poolside.

Happy Birthday! 12 years old!
He got ordained a Deacon and looks very handsome passing the Sacrament each week!

March also brought teeth bling!


Eight other moms and I hosted a group birthday party for "all the spring birthday" kids. 
We rented out Lion's Rec Center pool after hours and invited 
the entire 6th grade for swimming and treats. It was a great way to celebrate!

Baseball Season! Christopher had fun playing for the Nationals this year! 
As always, even though he didn't know the kids on the team well at first, 
he made lots of good friends and had a great time! 
He really started hitting mid-season and nearly always got on base and 
did great at stealing around the bases!

Over Memorial Day our family hiked up to Doughnut Falls with Grandpa, Diane, Luke Sam and Max. It was great to be out and about, but, WOW, the trail was CROWDED!

6th Grade Promotion!  Christopher's silouhette... "Christopher Shaeffer -- Legit,

Singing the traditional 6th grade song (Courtney and Marty will sing along when prompted as well), "At the Beginning"

Christopher's AMAZING teacher, Miss Stafford, who Christopher claims is his best friend. 
She made Christopher feel like a million bucks -- appreciating his sense of humor, 
being patient with him and letting him know how smart she thought he was. 
We love you, Miss Stafford!

Christopher and his FRIEND, Anna Findley. (Remember the Valentine?)

The Nationals Team Picture

Christopher missed his 6th grade Promotion Swim Party for a playoff game. 
He had no regrets about it, however. 
Unfortunately after a game where both teams battled into long extra innings, 
The Nationals lost. But they still took 2nd place in the tournament! Way to go, Nationals!!

Last Day of School. Last Day of 6th Grade. Last Day of Elementary School!

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