Friday, June 07, 2013

Marty: January thru June

Our annual ski vacation at Deer Valley was amped up a notch this year with a ski-in, ski-out condo. It was SO much fun! Marty got us hooked on watching "Psych," his favorite TV show. And we introduced him to James Bond and "Skyfall." We loved waking up the next morning to the shadow of chair lifts crossing over our bedroom walls. We loved being able to just get up and walk out to the lifts. Lunch was also easy -- and super yummy using our new Panini maker for sandwiches and getting a little break from coats and boots. Marty has been a great skier for a few years now, but it was fun to have Chris right there with him on the chutes as well.
Right after our trip, High School baseball tryouts started. Marty was so excited when he made the high school team! We had to adjust his schedule so he could go to the high school for baseball class every other day. He made it work by taking early morning seminary and doing an online high school class. Making the high school team was really a long-time dream come true. 

Because the high school was still under construction, they had practices and games at the old Granite High. Marty logged a lot of his needed driving minutes (for his license) getting us down there!

Marty finished his Eagle Project last June but then there was the dreaded paperwork. He had his Board of Review and was officially an Eagle by September. But it wasn't until March that we finally had his Court of Honor with two other Scouts from our ward and they all were officially honored as Eagle scouts.

Marty helping his big sis out -- painting her nails on her left hand!

Happy Birthday -- 16!!!

First thing in the morning, on June 5th, Marty and I drove down to the DMV and Marty got his license. He also speed-read the motorcycle handbook and miraculously passed the test and got his Motorcycle Permit (for the Vespa). 
He's been looking forward to driving to the last day of school all year!

We celebrated Courtney's High School graduation with the whole family at Grand America. It was a celebration for Marty's graduation too!
This is Marty and friends taking off for a week-long trip to Puerto Rico with their Spanish Teacher as tour guide and several classmates. And that's a story for the next blogpost.

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