Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Day So Many Have Been Waiting For...

 It's finally here!!

Halo 4 

Well, at least this is the special event that Marty has been waiting for on this day!
Dan took him and 3 friends to the Midnight pick-up. 
It was all very exciting--waiting in a long line with your friends and lots of other Halo Fans. 
Similar to how the "Twilight" midnight premiere is for girls.

Marty and Dan had an agreement that if he got
straight A's this term he could take a day off of school. 
And when it was discovered grades came out the same day Halo 4 came out...
well, you can imagine the excitement. 

He was motivated to work hard all term.

So Marty got his reward -- to stay home all day and play his new game.
Best. Day. Ever.

(Until I told him he still needed to go to tennis.  
Just wait until he finds out he needs to do his practicing too...)

And in other Marty news, he also got his school photos.
Earlier in the year I noticed that both 7th and 8th grade he was wearing a green shirt.
I told him he needed to make sure to NOT wear a green shirt on picture day.

But of course, it was too perfect for Marty to pass up.
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade


Sheree said...

He's so cute! I was wondering what the "have fun at school fellas" comment was all about! My kids keep saying, "everyone is talking about Halo" so that must be why!

Anisha said...

What a good looking boy! I love to see the progression.