Friday, November 09, 2012

Early Day Fridays

Oh how I used to dread Fridays when my kids were younger! 
Fridays meant early day. And while the kids love getting out of school at 
1:15 and hanging out with ALL their friends until late into the night, 
it was a nightmare for moms of young babies!

The kids would arrive home just about the time 
I'd gotten the baby down for a nap. 
I was constantly shushing and quieting kids running down the hallway 
past the baby's room and nagging the kids to not 
slam the front door as they went in and out.  

And I was so extraordinarily tired! 
If everyone was home at 1:15, that meant I didn't get 
my much needed nap, making shushing and trying 
to be kind to gaggles of kids that much more hard!  

I don't miss being SO tired! 

But now that the kids are older and I'm much more rested, 
Fridays are FUN again! 
And to make this Friday even better, 
we had our first snowstorm of the year! It's been snowing all day! 
We have lots of winter clothes and friends can all find something to keep them warm. 
When I got home from Nicholas' carpool, 
Christopher's friends had clothes warming by the fire. 
They were inside for a while but now they're outside again 
building a jump and a snow fort and having a snowball fight!

Welcome Winter!

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Michelle said...

We are still waiting for a snowstorm...crazy! We had a few flurries yesterday which kept us from breaking the record of longest wait for a snowstorm--but really those little fluries shouldn't have counted for much of anything. Ethan is soooo anxious!