Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Hard Drives Crash

I was all geared up to start blogging again once summer started. I was even going to backtrack and post about previous events and France and everything. But then my hard drive crashed taking all my photos with it.

I still have lots of photos because it seems like lately I take all my photos on my iPhone and I never delete them. So I could blog. But I'm too busy holding my breath for my hard drive recovery.

Important note: When you are a husband of a wife who's hard drive has crashed, she will love you immensely when you say, "I'll take it in to my IT guys.  I'm sure they'll be able to recover everything. And if they can't, there are places that recover hard drives we can send it to." She will think you are an awesome rockstar husband who knows how much 6 years of photos means to her and she will be thinking of ways to reward you.

But if every time you say that you follow-up with, "...but it will be soooo expensive," she'll start to get annoyed.

Lucky for my husband, I came right out and told him that unless we're talking about it costing a million dollars, than QUIT talking about how expensive it could possibly be because these are my MEMORIES and photos of MY CHILDREN that have vanished and price is not an issue!  My husband is very smart and clammed up about the potential price and instead got my hard drive into "his" IT guys right away.  Thank you awesome fix-anything husband!

After 24 hours of transferring old hard drive to new hard drive, the IT guys report there is about 3 hours left and so far the drive is still responding.  Crossing my fingers my Photo Library is safe and sound on the new drive...

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