Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Somehow I've managed to skip the annual trip to Lagoon for a few years. I remember taking the kids when Nick was a toddler. I know Grandpa and Diane took Chris and Nick last year. Possibly they took Chris the year before as well.

Courtney was going with friends this week and Marty had a baseball game right near the park, so it seemed like a good day for me to take the kids as well. Bekah and Jax and Lucy and Grandpa and Diane and their kids came too. 

There was a wonderful breeze so it really wasn't too hot.  I didn't remember, but there is a lot of shade a Lagoon as well.  To top it off, there were hardly any lines!!  

Nick conquered every ride but Wicked, much to Marty's dismay. Marty took 10 minutes of cajoling and convincing Nick to go on Wicked and finally Nick relented.  But when he got up to me in the line, he started crying and really didn't want to go. I let him off the hook. Marty knew Nick would love it if he tried it, but I wimped out on Nick's behalf.

On the flip side of the coin, Nicholas convinced Sam to go on Colossus while the other kids went on Wicked again.  As it turned out, Sam loved it!

We shut the park down with the added bonus of getting to go on "the white roller coaster" two times in a row for the very last ride of the night!

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