Sunday, June 10, 2012

Best Week EVER!

June 1 -- Last Day of School! First Day of Baseball Playoffs!
Last Day of School! Have a (Mexican) Coke and a smile!
The end of baseball season brought Marty's city league team solidly in first place. But as always, you never know what will happen in playoffs.  In the end, Marty's team, The Angels won the tournament!

They played at an elementary school with a great playground so Nicholas and Christopher were always happy to invite friends to come to the games (after their seasons ended). Happy kids makes my life sooo much easier!

Marty started pitching in city league this season which was so cool! He had to practice a lot to learn how, but once he got the hang of it and started pitching, he did awesome.  He's got a controlled, clean pitch and he struck out a ton of players. 

June 4 - Turned in His Completed Eagle Project!
Marty with the Principal of Washington Elem. She is so friendly and so supportive!
For his Eagle, Marty organized his troop to read and record beginning reading books for an elementary school downtown. He also got donations of 9 iPods, headphones and chargers. They downloaded the recordings to the iPods so children in K - 2 grade can use the "books on tape" as they learn to read.  

June 5 - Marty's Birthday!
Yea, 15! 

June 6 -- Championship Game

Jake, Marty and Devin--been playing baseball together for 6 years or more!
2012 Champions! Go Angels!
Marty's team had some nail biters during playoffs and with Marty pitching, I had a whole new feeling of frayed nerves during the games! Because you can only pitch one player 4 innings, the team's starter pitcher would pitch a few innings and then be taken out to be saved for a final inning if Marty fell apart.  The final game Marty had bases loaded with only one out.  Then struck out the next two kids! It was AWESOME!  Next inning, he struck out one and then the 2nd baseman and first had amazing plays to get the next two out.

He had some good friends on the team and awesome coaches which made city league a blast this year!

June 7 -- Got his Learner's Permit!
More nail biters when Mom's in the passenger's seat!
He hadn't really studied, but he read over the Driver's handbook on the way to the DMV. He finished looking it over as we stood in line and then passed the test only missing 4 out of 50. (How long is he going to be able to get away with reading something once and remembering the whole thing!)

June 8 -- High School Summer League Baseball Team

Started out tryouts excited that they were going to take all the kids that tried out for the summer team and just make two teams.  Then found out he made the A team! Pretty great week!

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