Friday, August 06, 2010

Is this me?

We received the August issue of BYU Magazine and I set it in the pile of stuff to look at later. Marty saw it the next morning, picked it up and stared at it, then said, "Mom, why are you on the cover of this magazine?"

Ha, ha, right?

I took a look so I could have a laugh at who he thought looked like me and stopped short... uhhh... where did they get this picture? It really looks like me -- or should I say the me 20 years ago.

Yep, the shirt, the Girbaud jeans, the baggy Gap socks, pearls under the collar, profile, facial expression, fat fingers, All Check.

But I'm not sure I ever pulled my bangs back back then. My sister, convinced it is me (See the hairline? It even matches...if only we could zoom in on the hands and see if your wart scars are there!), called BYU to get more info. They don't have a name of the person in the photo but only know it was taken in 1991. So that checks out too.

If it's not me, it's definitely my twin!


LaddandKatieMarshall said...

Looking at the picture again it really does look like you--awesome!

Thanks for the apricots and plums by the way1

Tiffany said...

you convinced me :)